Where did the summer go?! No complaints on the weather I must say! For me, summer was hectic and fun. I was busy with clients and with the family!

It’s nice for the fall to return, the changing leaves, sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes. I like the return of the routines, especially with the kids! Usually in the summer we let go of all routines!

We have a coupon for fall and this fall we are celebrating YOU! FALLing in love with yourself!

I did a speaking engagement last month on FEAR. I feel in order to fall back in love with ourselves we need to let go of all our fears. LOVE is what we are born with and FEAR is what we have learned being on this earth. Fear is a feeling not a fact!

A few tidbits on being Fearless again (fear holds us back and being fearless sets us free):

*Being clear on what you want to conquer.

*Knowing that the only person you have to prove it too is yourself.

*Don’t give up. When you give up, your self esteem goes down as your own self worth. When you succeed your self worth goes up.

*When your self worth goes down your fear goes up
*Trust yourself
*Believe in yourself
*Pump up yourself
*Visualize your goal
*Keep up a positive mind
*Stay present
*Be mindful

Once again, don’t forget to celebrate you this fall by Falling in love with yourself. Practice doing atleast one good thing a day for yourself and share it with us on Instagram, by sharing a picture or a post and tag us at @christine_GWY and #goddesswithinyou.

Be gentle with yourself!

Love and Blessings,

Christine Stover