When I thought life couldn’t get any busier, was I wrong! Life has been “very” good, and I shouldn’t complain. It has shown up again, how I can create time for myself in the midst of “busyness”.

I feel when I can have a calm mind through the chaos, that is my “self care” . When I am in a calm state I can be grateful and see gratitude that comes from under the busyness. My growing business, my 4 healthy children, husband, family & friends, and my home create this busyness. I feel, when I come from gratitude for all the things that make me busy, It takes the stress and anxiety away. When I bring love into the mix with the feelings of gratitude everything just flows and flourishes. My love blooms from my clients, family, home, friends and everything else.

It’s easy to get into the “daily routine of being busy.” In many ways, it’s our reality. And what we can change is how to make our “daily routine of being busy” more fulfilling, energizing, fun and moments of joy that don’t get dismissed too quickly. Which again is to bring gratitude and love into everything we do or say, and practice it!!

some quick tips:
– having a family gratitude jar, everyone contributes one thing they are grateful for, every morning & night
– download the app “calm” it reminds you to breathe
– minimum of 5 “I love you” a day either to yourself or someone else
– having a picture, quote, or affirmation on your phone you can look at that will help you get back to a state of calmness, love or gratitude.

Be KIND to yourself, there is only one YOU!

Love & Blessings,

Christine Stover