Goddess Within You

Igniting the world to fall in love with themselves.


Life is challenging and often we develop layers to protect ourselves. This prevents us from trusting our own intuition and pursuing a life of purpose and passion.

Goddess Within You was created by witnessing the impact of how powerful people become when they learn to love themselves. By connecting and sharing their personal stories, they release their limitations and gain the self-esteem, confidence and love needed to regain control of their life. 

Providing counseling and therapy in all areas of life, Goddess Within You is dedicated to helping you achieve you. Our mission is to ignite the world to fall in love with themselves again, one person at a time.

Let’s create a world where people live with their

hearts, minds, and souls.

Be The Change

We believe everyone has the potential to live a full life when we love ourselves. When we see ourselves as worthy individuals, we lead others to do the same.

Save and Positive Spaces

We create a nurturing environment of trust that enables people to reveal their own uniqueness.

Valuable Life Tools

We teach practices that are accessible, engaging and inspiring, and once learned, can be harnessed throughout me.

Our Blog

Happy Winter

When I thought life couldn't get any busier, was I wrong! Life has been "very" good, and I shouldn't complain. It has shown up again, how I can create time for myself in the midst of "busyness". I feel when I can have a calm mind through the chaos, that is my "self...

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Happy Fall!!

Where did the summer go?! No complaints on the weather I must say! For me, summer was hectic and fun. I was busy with clients and with the family! It's nice for the fall to return, the changing leaves, sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes. I like the return of the...

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The Next Chapter

Entering the next chapter for Goddess Within You. Time to move from the place we called our home, The Network Hub/ River Market. It was here that we started 4 years ago, where I started this journey. I am grateful for the City of New Westminster, all the partnering...

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I believe that intuition is the most powerful, natural gift that both women and men have. When we learn how to tap into it, anything is possible.


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