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Christine Stover


As far as Christine could remember she has been very intuitive. Being intuitive was a natural way of being. Her whole life she counted on her intuition and made choices / lifelong decisions based on her intuition. 

 Christine has been practicing her physic intuitive abilities on a professional level through the community and with her clients giving them insight & guidance on how to live a life full of possibilities & thus have them continue living a life that is destined for them. Christine is a passionate leader committed to having everyone live the life of their dreams. Through transforming their lives in areas of health, emotional well being, relationships, family, love, career, releasing trauma and spiritual growth by reconnecting to their inner self.

Through her life experience Christine rediscovered her power within. This was such a realization for her that it led her to the path of creating Goddess Within You.

She completed her Diploma in Child & Youth Care, Community Support worker and ample courses & workshops in leadership, self development and spiritual growth.

The owner & founder of the organization the Goddess Within You, which helps balance body, mind and soul.

Christine is a: Intuitive life coach, empowerment facilitator, physic medium and a spiritual healer.

Described by her clients as a loving, caring person who is very passionate about her clients. A natural spiritual healer & counsellor who also has the healing touch. Christine can feel the physical pain in others body and clear any unwanted energies & blocks. Thus leaving you feel lighter.

 Christine knows that her calling is to have others live their “true calling & passion”.

She is passionate about dedicating herself to have each person realize the true value in who they are. Christine believes that anyone can discover their unique power and live their lives passionately and with purpose.Illuminate your path and help you understand that you have within you the power, freedom and the responsibility to shape your own life with the choices you make.

Her motto that she lives by is: “Each and every one of us deserves to live the life we want and make our dreams a reality.”  

 “The quieter you become, the more you can hear” Ram Dass

Christine’s motto that she lives by is: “Each and every one of us deserves to live the life we want and make our dreams a reality.”

Goddess Within You is here to support everyone in making this happen.

Goddess Within You | BODY, MIND & SOUL.