Wow, 10 days left of 2016. I don’t know for you all, but 2016 has been one intense year for myself and for people that I know.

I feel 2016 has been a breaking point for many, for instance, changes in relationships, careers, moving, children being born and family members passing away.

For me, I found myself saying more than a few times “enough already” or “you gotta be kidding me”. And I find that whatever I have been resisting wasn’t going to go away. I had to accept and trust that whatever comes my way I would be able to handle it. Letting go of the fear of what it will do to me or to my loved ones.

I tell my clients “Just Let Go”! Let go of the past, fear, anger, guilt. They ask me how? Good question, it’s easy to say and hard to do. We are so set in our own ways that it’s hard for us to break free. We have had our ways for so long (the stories, beliefs, and conditioning). When we do let go, we give ourselves permission to truly express who we really are, a freedom to explore our “true being”.
A few tips I leave you with:
1) Don’t take things personally 2) Replace negative self talk with positive action 3) Love yourself unconditionally, if you don’t who will 4) Forgive yourself and others

From my family to yours “Happy Holidays may the New Year bring you peace, love and joy” .


Christine Stover

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