The theme this fall that I am getting from my clients is Self – Love. I feel that everything comes down to our own self worth. Feeling worthy and deserving contributes to our daily lives; through our actions, our thoughts our daily lifestyle and communication. Our whole life is a reflection of our self – worth. How happy we are, the feeling of fulfillment, the relationships in our lives, how much money we make, what we do for a living. The root of all this is how much do we love ourselves, how worthy and deserving we feel we are.

GWY focuses on the inner self and radiating it out. I feel our journey starts within. Life is so much more than the “same old” routine that we get used too. It’s magical, new and beautiful the opportunities are endless and beauty never dies. We are fortunate beyond our means.

Working with children, I still can see their innocence, purity and the self security. I also can see when the shift happens and they start to lose sense of who they are. Starting to feel inadequate. This society isn’t helping their cause.

What can we do as adults for ourselves to be role models for humanity? The biggest thing? Fall in love with yourself again. Develop a strong connection and get to know your real self again.

I would love to help guide you in your journey of life with light and love. We offer soulful series workshops that help support your “spiritual gifts of intuition,” private sessions of spiritual growth, spiritual guidance and mentorship, intuitive readings, healing energy work and group sessions with couples, families and parent/child.

I am excited to being able to enjoy 10 days on a cruise vacation to the Mexican Riveria with my husband and four children. We leave tomorrow! I was feeling a bit of anxiety rise not being in touch with my clients and then I took my advise on SELF LOVE. Having this time to rejuvenate, renew and nurture my self and my family. When I am at a calm and relaxed state I can guide others to that state.

With love, blessings and much gratitude,